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Navicat 12

Navicat has come out with a new major release, version 12. As an active user of Navicat 11, the first thing I noticed was the new Snippets feature. Navicat 12 comes with a few helpful snippets already built in, but the great thing is that you can create and save your own snippets. This feature alone will be a tremendous time saver for me as I often re-use several custom query’s in my DB design process.

A simple Drag N Drop to the query window will reveal yet another great feature, text placeholders for adding your specific conditions. Version 12 now features a connection and database drop down in the query window that allows you to change the connection and DB to run the same query without leaving the query window.

A nice bonus is the snippet search that dynamically narrows the snippet list as you type your search. When you create a new Snippet you have the option of creating or selecting a Label for the snippet. What this does is basically groups your snippets so that when you select the snippet drop down filter it only shows snippets in that label group. The code completion in Navicat 12 has also been greatly improved

There are many, many improvements in this release that will improve productivity. Navicat 12 continues to be the leader in database management applications. Download a free trial!

Navicat Premium Review

I started programming way back when the Internet first started. Back then, the only thing available that was decent to manage MySQL was PhpMyadmin, a server based application. Then one day I discovered Navicat and never turned back.

The first benefits for me was that I could run it on my PC and remotely connect not only to the databases on my server, but also to the databases on my clients servers. Before that, if they didn’t have PhpMyadmin installed, I was already wasting time and effort just to connect to my clients data.

The next Navicat “discovery” was that I could transfer from remote database to database with the greatest of ease as well as copy a clients database to my local server. I was in heaven!

Back in the day I used to use MS Access to do my databases so I had a lot of info that eventually needed to be online and in Mysql. My jaw practically hit the floor when I discovered that I could connect directly to Access and very easily import my data. Just as easily, I could also import several other formats. But wait, that’s not all! I could also export to several formats as well!

One of the great features of Navicat is the SQL Query builder. When your just learning Mysql, the query builder makes it very easy to create proper SQL statements.

There are so many other great features, an entire book could be written on it. The long and short of it is that Navicat is the ultimate database tool that you cannot be without. Download a trial version NOW!